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Detoxifying The Soul
We invite you to explore our website and enjoy our daily Nurturing-Nuggets Inspirational Blog. We believe Detoxifying the Soul will bring a refreshing impartation to your life and enhance your walk with God. So come on, jump in the river and enjoy the flow!

Detoxifying the Soul is an Outreach extension of Harris Ministries International
Relief Packages ​​
Harris Ministries International provides 'Relief Packages' to individuals or families who are experiencing difficult times, or maybe just getting out of prison/jail, or just may require some basic items to help you get started or provide relief. 

Please contact our ministry headquarters and speak with an HMI representative for more information or you can just email us and request a package.

Jesus loves you so very much
Package May Include:
* Dish washing liquid   

* Toilet tissue
* Soap                           

* Inspirational CD's
* Toothpaste                 

* Scriptural information
Christ is our steering wheel, not our spare tire. ​​
Thank you for visiting our website(s), we've been waiting for you! Our highest ministry priority is to honor God, by helping you live a victorious Christian life in every area of your life.

Harris Ministries International is a nonprofit 501c3 nondenominational Christian ministry. Brother Tony and Sister Cathy have been ministering the Word of God for over 26 years. Let us put our experience to work for you. We are here to help you through God's love and His unfailing grace.

Please know that you are loved by God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ everyday.

Brother Tony and Sister Cathy~

Providing outreach ministry to the residents of Topeka Kansas. ​